Latest News and Race Survey

I regret to inform you that the Point of Honor 5k rescheduled for September 5, 2020 is officially cancelled. Our hope was that the COVID-19 pandemic would have abated a bit in order to allow the race to proceed somewhat normally. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

We are looking forward to continuing our race tradition on Saturday April 3, 2021 (National Donate Life Month).

Those registered for our rescheduled event are asked to complete our ENTRY SURVEY. The survey deadline is Thursday August 20th.

You will have three choices-


From a Race Director’s standpoint, this is the one I hope you choose! This guarantees that you are already registered, and in the event of a slight entry fee increase next year, you have avoided that too! A win-win for both of us!


From a Race Director’s standpoint, this is the one I hope you do not choose! However, even though every entrant agreed to our “No Refund” policy when registering, I will make an exception and grant refunds given the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in. This option is only available until August 20th.
While I cannot personally know each person’s individual situation, please be mindful of the financial hardship too many refund requests could place on a race and its future. Also keep in mind that this race is a charitable event that has supported organ donation since the beginning and is in loving memory of my teenage daughter, Korinne Ashley Shroyer, an organ donor in May 2002 who saved the lives of five people.


A good choice! For those of you who registered for the race using a special discount code provided by your employer (BWXT, Moore & Giles, Riley Family Dentistry), that got you free entry since those employers picked up the tab for their employees, your entries will automatically be eliminated from the database. For those of you who registered for the race who are employees of Centra Health and used their special 50% off discount code, you have the option to request a refund of your portion of the entry fee that you paid when registering.

Each and every runner, walker, volunteer, or sponsor has contributed to the success of this race over the years. Whether you were involved in just one or have been a part of every one, you are an important part of this special family and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My family has truly been blessed by each of you!

Kevin Shroyer, Race Director